A Very Late Christmas Cake


I have got to apologise for my lack of posts over the festive period. My intentions were to share lots of recipes with you, but I’ve been a huge let down on that front! It’s not that I haven’t been baking (I haven’t stopped as a matter of fact), I just haven’t had the time between working almost full time and getting all sorts of Christmas errands organised to take photographs and upload…

Now that I have a quiet week before I go back to being a manic crazy person again, I thought I would share my Christmas cake (better late than never!) which, ironically, I made over a month ago!


The cake was created for a Christmas canapé party and is made in the traditional way- i.e. lots of booze, fruit, marzipan and icing ( I used Sailor Jerry spiced rum, as it’s my favourite!).


The cake topper was my own creation, crafted from ready to roll white icing which I left to harden and then painted with food colourings. The icicles are made from melted mints.

Again, apologies for the belated post- maybe you could bookmark this and recreate this wintery sleeping fox cake as something a bit different next Christmas!

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