Monkey Bread


I know I usually post my own concoctions on here, but when I stumbled upon this Monkey Bread recipe in BBC GoodFood magazine a few months back, I knew I would have to share it with you at some point…


Made up of cinnamon spiced dough balls, sugared pecans and a sweet sticky glaze, this Bundt shaped sweet bread is completely irresistible and is sure to become an instant favourite among your family and friends as it has with mine (I made this bake yesterday evening and there is only a third left… so much for my Dad’s healthy eating plan!)


To serve this treat, I’ve been either slicing it almost as if it were a cake, or treating it as a tear and share loaf by piling four or five dough balls into a bowl. I would recommend eating this warm from the oven or, once cooled, warming in the microwave before devouring.


If my photos of this bake are encouraging you to try it out for yourself (which I suggest you do ASAP) you can find the recipe here. Enjoy, and many thanks to Jane Hornby of BBC GoodFood for enlightening us all with such a great idea!


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