Do you remember the Shire, Mr Frodo?



My boyfriend and I share an unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Rings, so it seemed the perfect theme to apply to his 20th birthday cake. I opted for a Hobbit Hole design and whilst I had plenty of ambitious ideas, I couldn’t help thinking (ever the optimist) that the end result was likely to resemble Mordor or, worse, a demolition site as opposed to a rolling grass mound complete with plant pots and carved wooden doors…

This said, I surprised myself with the result and the reception it received wasn’t too bad either (lets just say had this been Bilbo’s house, he would’ve been made homeless within an hour of its reveal). In other words, if you want guaranteed compliments, provide people with ganache, chocolate cake, buttercream, sugarpaste and nerdy cake aesthetics- it’s a winning combination.


Top 5 Decorating Tips from Amateur to Amateur…

– Practice really does make perfect. I am improving every time I create a new cake. Have patience and persevere and you will see results eventually!

Don’t limit yourself to using only sugarpaste icing. Whilst it works brilliantly for some details, it’s not always necessary ( I have used buttercream for the grass here and it’s very effective!).

Have enough tools and ingredients at your disposal. There is nothing worse than getting half way through a bake and only having half the icing needed to cover a shape- the result usually resembles a patchwork quilt!

Choose rustic designs before you attempt the seamless white wedding cake! There is more leeway with a design like this- any mistakes can be covered up if need be.

Roll icing out between sheets of greaseproof paper. I have only just realised this is the best way! Icing sugar discolours the icing and your hands make it hot and sticky. The paper keeps it fresh and smooth.


36 thoughts on “Do you remember the Shire, Mr Frodo?

  1. Explain yourself! I need a full tutorial please! This is the coolest thing ever, and I have a friend who is LOTR nuts. This would be the perfect cake for her birthday as well. Seriously impressed. πŸ™‚

    1. I have added a few tips! The most important thing is to have the tools- the grass can only be made with a special ‘grass nozzle’!

  2. Fabulous! The Hobbit is one of my favorite books, I read it for the first time in 3rd grade and followed it swiftly with the trilogy, and I LOVE this cake. I need one for my next birthday! (Well, if my aunt doesn’t make the Labyrinth cake for me. I may be 29 but I still want a cake with the Goblin King atop)

  3. This is AWESOME! I love you posts! πŸ™‚ Your lovely treats and foods look so yummy and are so inspiring. I really need to start baking more again.

  4. I’m following you because this cake is amazing! You did such a great job on it! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

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