Moroccan Flatbread


When making Moroccan food, it’s nice to have all the accessories that go with it to enjoy the complete taste experience. With that in mind I decided to make some flatbreads spiked with middle eastern spices to accompany a beef tagine and fruity couscous. These bakes are soft in places, crispy in others and packed with ras-el-hanout as well as honey which adds a welcome sweetness. As a first attempt at flatbreads I am pleased with the result and think they will be great for scooping up sauces or dipping in oils and dips.




    1. Thanks!
      Sure, you need 200g strong flour, 300g plain flour, tsp yeast, tbsp caster sugar, 1tbsp moroccan spice, 350ml warm water, 2tbsp olive oil.

      Mix the dry then pour in the wet, mix and set aside for 10 minutes. Turn out onto floured surface (mixture will be wet) and knead for 10 minutes.
      Return to an oiled bowl and prove for an hour.
      Knock the air out by lightly kneading.
      Cut dough into 6/7 and roll out to about 5mm.
      Preheat oven to 240 and put an old muffin tin in the bottom, upside down.
      Leave for half an hour on a floured cloth.
      Put 2 at a time on top of the upside down tin and leave for 5 minutes. They should be done- don’t be afraid of some dark patches- they should be patchy.


  1. what is strong flour. what is morrocan spice? Is it a spice that is actually called morrocan spice or is it a blend of several other spices. I’m American. Never heard of strong flour. It looks really really good. Is it chewy? Would be great with hummus I think.

    Oh and thanks for the follow. Have a lovely day.

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