Skinny (not really) Blueberry Muffins



These blueberry and lemon muffins are my own concoction. After browsing countless recipes looking for a slightly (not completely) healthier alternative to the buttery super-sweet muffins we see in Costa and Starbucks, I couldn’t find  a happy medium between the ultimate sugar overdose and the oaty, no-sugar, no-calories, no-taste variety littered all over the web. So, instead of using a single recipe, I used a few components of classic muffins combined with some health-concious replacement ingredients. In place of butter, these are made with vegetable oil and a dash of buttermilk and instead of tonnes of white caster sugar small amounts of brown sugar with lemon zest and vanilla seeds are substituted to add taste without the calories. I also added a whole punnet of blueberries to the batter so these bakes are bursting with anti-oxidant super fruits; perhaps they could stretch to one of my five a day (one can dream)? I hope these muffins encourage you to bake a little leaner (if only sometimes) as you can create delicious treats by making small substitutions to full fat recipes- you don’t have to go completely mad on the ‘detox’ hype to be a bit healthier, it’s small changes that make a difference.

Although this post is really to draw attention to my bakes of the day, I also wanted to give my regards to my loyal (and new) readers. I passed the 2000 follower mark this week and am thrilled this completely amateur blog is of interest to so many people, thankyou!




  1. Sounds yummy. And I agree with you, adjusting recipes to make them slightly healthier is actually easy. I find if I use only two thirds of the indicated amount of sugar, most cakes actually still taste very good and certainly sweet enough.

  2. They look stunning! I like making blueberry and courgette muffins when I’m trying to find a healthier alternative. The courgette helps add an extra vegetable without compromising on taste, or even more important, on texture.

  3. Congrats! Your muffins look and sound yummy! Now if I can get my fledgling blog up to that many, I’ll be doing well! 🙂

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